viernes, 10 de mayo de 2013

Playlist de la Semana

  • Northshore-Tegan and Sara.

  • This Close-Flyleaf.

  • Ode To Sleep-Twenty One Pilots.

  • Circle-Flyleaf.

  • Radioactive-Imagine Dragons.

  • Car Radio-Twenty One Pilots.

  • Unintended-Muse.

  • Rock And Roll Ain´t Noise Pollution-AC/DC.

  • Part II-Paramore.

  • Don´t Forget-Demi Lovato.

a. "Something's so sick about this My misery is so addictive I'm halfway there with your Northshore from the floor singing to you over my shoulder"

b. "In the hearts of the blind Something you'll never find Is a vision of light With the voice of the dead, I'm screaming I dont know who I am anymore Not once in life have I been real But I've never felt this close before I've been looking in your window I've been dressing in your clothes I've been walking dead Watching you Long enough to know I can't go on"

c. "I left his arms empty and tied Outstretched for me until he died I left his arms empty and tied Outstretched for me until he died No man shows greater love Than when a man lays down his life
For his beloved"

d. "Dancing all alone To the sound of an enemy's song All lost until you find me Fighting on my own In a war that's already been won All lost until you come and find me here Oh Glory"

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Kriistie(Kriis) dijo...

La verdad es que nunca antes habia escuchado estas canciones*.*

Pao D. C dijo...

Me alegra habértelas dado a conocer, entonces *W*

Anyi dijo...

Gracias por darnos a conocer tu lista de la semanaa!! =D

Pao D. C dijo...

¡De nada! :D

Melanie A.G dijo...

AHHHH. Me sé algunas, pero me paso rapido por acá, no tengo tiempo. Haha. ¡Pero estoy viva!

Pao D. C dijo...